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It's Magic

It's Magic

For more than 30 years John Moore has been in the entertainment business in one way or another.  He has been a radio DJ, party/wedding DJ, sound engineer, lighting engineer, road manager, and musician. 

He has also amazed people with his close-up and slight-of-hand magic for more than 20 years.  He engages his audience and even helps them to perform the magic themself.  John Moore is an exceptional professional when he performs.  John Moore's goal is to amaze people and leave them wanting more. 

John Moore does walk-around magic.  This means he will work at an event and go around the room and spend time at each table or group of people and perform slight-of-hand and close-up-magic.  He interacts with your guests and gets them involved in every way he can.

He can also do table magic.  This means he will have guests sit around a table and he performs for them seated.  He recommends using the walk-around for most events.  This is the best way for everyone to be involved and to get the most out of John's perfomamces.

Events John Moore will perform at:

  • Corporate Events

  • Trade Shows

  • Office Parties

  • Private Parties

  • Special Events

  • Fundraising Events